Baker's Pride Team
Baker's Pride Team

Dec 15th, 2018

If your business sells finished baked goods but doesn’t have an experienced baking team, private labeling might be an attractive alternative to stocking a national brand’s product. Private labeling allows you to market our products under your own brand. Our private-labeled products are custom designed according to your specifications. By taking advantage of private labeling, you can expand your inventory without compromising your brand identity.

Many customers prefer to support local and regional brands instead of big national brands. In addition, the costs of many branded products are inflated because of all the legalities and advertising expenses baked into the final cost of the product. Private labeling allows you to address both concerns: Your customers can support a local brand, and you won’t have to subsidize a national advertising campaign with your sales.

There are many compelling reasons to use private-labeled products:


When you create and sell a private-labeled product, you give your customers a brand that they can follow.

Ease of Use

Baking your own products from scratch requires a team of experienced bakers who can create high-quality products consistently, but many businesses can’t afford those types of employees. Our private-labeled products come to you already made; all your bakers will need to do is finish them.


When you order a private-labeled product, you won’t be bound by another company’s preferences about packaging, size, branding, marketing or anything else. You can price your private-labeled products as you see fit, have them packaged in any size, and run promotions without having to receive approval from another company.

Higher profit margins

Private-labeled products often cost less than national branded products, allowing you to sell for a lower price and still make more money on each unit than you could make from a comparable national brand.


When you sell a private-labeled product, your company will be the only company that can sell that product. You won’t have to worry about price competition driving down your profit margins; if customers like your product, they will only be able to get it from you.

Private labeling gives you many advantages, including lower costs, higher margins and greater customer loyalty.

If you’d like to find out more information about our private labeling service, please fill out our short online form, and one of our private-labeling experts will get in touch with you soon.