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Sep 19th, 2019

As the creator of a popular baked product, you want to ensure you find the most effective way to get it to market. The quality of your food is affected by many different stages of production, not just the quality of the recipe. Whether you have the opportunity for expansion, are looking for new and innovative packaging ideas or need to get your product to market more cost-effectively, partnering with an outsourced baking company is something you should consider.

Here is the truth about working with an outsourced baking company to help you decide if it sounds right for you.

Outsourcing Improves Efficiency

One of the biggest benefits of working with an outsourced baking company is the experience you will gain from their team. You can address a wide variety of issues common to smaller businesses such as:

  • The reduction of fixed costs to optimize your budget
  • Tasks that are outside your expertise
  • Tasks that might require more new hires than you are willing to take on, train and pay
  • Aspects of your business that are taking you away from the core focus of what you are offering your customers
  • Getting the product to market efficiently
  • Expansion of your offering
  • A more efficient approach to packaging

There are many things you can consider outsourcing to help improve efficiencies for your company including fulfillment, co-packing, distribution and production.

Outsourcing Creates an Expanded Team

One of the biggest challenges for small baking companies is sudden success. Although this is the ideal scenario, it also causes big issues. When expansion is required but you don’t have the resources to handle it, you can fail.

Although it seems natural to want to keep everything in house, this in truth becomes more of a nightmare than you might think. First, you will have to find the talent to suit your needs. The training period can waste valuable time and even affect quality control. You also have to invest in the training period, which can lead to lost earnings especially if you face issues with turnover.

When you choose to outsource to meet the growing needs of your business there is no learning curve. You have a ready-made team that gets to work right away. The investment is worth it as you will not be wasting money on downtime and training. You also have no turnover worries and can be focused on running the business instead.

Outsourcing Provides a Trusted Commercial Kitchen

Next on your expansion, is the move from a small kitchen to a full-sized commercial kitchen. This is a costly endeavor without any guarantee for success. When you choose to work with an outsourced baking company, they have all the equipment and staff you need.

Partnering with an outsourced baking company saves you time and money. More importantly, you avoid the headache of trying to find a new space, purchasing equipment and hiring experienced staff to operate the new facility.

You will also never face limitations and can continue to scale immediately as your business grows. You can make promises to get larger orders to market effectively without skipping a beat. You can do the same for introducing new products, or even trying seasonally driven products such as specialty holiday breads, cookies or cakes.

When you look at the truth about partnering with an outsourced baking company it becomes clear it really is a viable solution for your problems.

A Leading Outsourced Baking Company

Baker’s Pride is a trusted co-packing and private labeling partner to midsize and multinational baked goods companies across the country.

We rigorously maintain the quality and consistency of our delicious products help expand our customers’ production capacity and distribution, and simplify their logistics.

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