Baker's Pride Team

Oct 22nd, 2019

You’re smart to focus on what you do best—creating, marketing and selling a delicious baked treat. And if you’re considering using a bakery co-packer, there’s no need to look further than Baker’s Pride, the top national bakery co-packer. 

Working with any co-packer will cut down the money you need for capital, so you can boost profits with less investment and focus your time on other aspects of the business. However, when you work with Baker’s Pride, you get other benefits that few other co-packers can boast.

Get Customization

Baker’s Pride offers customization, which means we provide tailor-made co-packing that helps you grow your business. When you work with a co-packager that offers customization you can:

  • Expand your product line without investing in the specialized equipment yourself.
  • Test new and seasonal products with limited packaging runs.
  • Change your orders when you need to, especially to handle seasonality.

End-to-End Solutions

We specialize in baking and understand this business from ingredient purchasing to the customer’s first bite. Not only can our experienced team offer you valuable insight into the industry, but we also offer “end-to-end” solutions for packing. This means we can work with you on: 

  • Design
  • Sourcing
  • Procurement
  • Packing management functions

You may not expect your co-packer to help you meet regulatory standards, but at Baker’s Pride, we can. We provide insurance provisions and health inspections. We also work with certifications such as Kosher and Organic. As we make your regulatory compliance easier, we save you time and money. 

Not to mention, once we have your product in its packaging, picking up from us is simple. Our mid-west distribution center in Burlington, Iowa is convenient for delivery and pick up from the East and West coast. We’re dedicated to making things simpler for you, and reducing your costs, at every step of the way.

Long-term Partnerships

At Baker’s Pride, we work with startups, midsize businesses, and multi-national corporations. We take on clients when they’re smaller and can’t find much support from other co-packers. Our goal is to support your growth, continually customize your services, and listen to your feedback so you can improve. 

A common story, and the dream in the baking industry, it to find sudden success. When our customers suddenly explode in growth, we’re right there with them, taking on their additional orders and helping them grow seamlessly. You don’t need to hire, train, or oversee out expert team, we’re simply ready to get your product out. As we work with multi-nationals, we can fulfill the largest orders.  

Quality and Consistency  

When you’re growing your brand, you may lose sight of the quality of your product. Not intentionally, but because growing pains get in the way of delivering a quality product. Not at Baker’s Pride. We always work to the highest standards, consistently delivering your packaging as you expect it—on time.

Private Labeling  

Baker’s Pride also has the advantage of offering turnkey private labeling. Expand your product line at a reduced cost, and without hassle.

A Leader in Co-Packing in the Food Industry

Baker’s Pride is a trusted co-packing and private labeling partner to midsize and multinational baked goods companies across the country.

We rigorously maintain the quality and consistency of our delicious products, help expand our customers’ production capacity and distribution, and simplify their logistics. 

For more information about our products or what we can do for your brand, visit our homepage today!