Baker's Pride Team
Baker's Pride Team

Aug 27th, 2018

There are many ways to diversify your small bakery to optimize success and boost profits. Since many of our clients are small bakery owners, we’ve compiled this short list of ideas which we wanted to share with you:

Offer Beverages

If you don’t already offer beverages at your bakery, consider adding coffee and specialty teas or lemonades to your menu. Consumers are often in a rush and are more likely to stop at your business if they know they can get a drink and food all in one place. That’s why so many coffee shops now offer food items that are easy to grab and eat while on the go. If you already offer beverages, consider expanding your beverage options.

Add Gluten-Free Options

Many consumers are looking for healthier options like lower fat and gluten-free foods, especially when they find foods that are healthier that also taste good. Our new gluten-free donuts are a great example. These light, tender cake donuts are a delicious alternative to grain-based donuts. They are also made without artificial ingredients or trans fats, and are nut free and vegan. They are simple to add to your bakery product line, and we offer them in glazed, glazed chocolate, and glazed cinnamon varieties. They come frozen with a shelf life of up to 6 months in the freezer and 10 days refrigerated.

Go Mobile

You’ve heard of food trucks, but how about dessert trucks? Some bakeries are already finding success going mobile with their baked goods.

Sell on the Internet

If you have items that could easily be packaged and shipped, take advantage of an almost limitless market on the Internet. You can do this with a simple e-commerce website. You can also give your in-person customers the chance to order ahead and pay on the Internet for times they’re in a hurry.

Offer Related Products

Think about products that go hand in hand with what you sell. If you specialize in specialty birthday cakes, for example, you could add a rack of greeting cards, helium balloons, candles or packaged ice cream.

Baker’s Pride Can Help You Diversify Your Small Bakery

Baker’s Pride offers fresh, quality breads and donuts that can help you diversify your small bakery product line. Contact us today to learn more about our products.