Baker's Pride Team
Baker's Pride Team

Feb 15th, 2019

Let’s face it: the greater your success, the greater your responsibilities. Every growing company needs to find new solutions to meet the demands of a growing customer base. Large, small, and national companies are sometimes faced with the need to ensure product availability, and for that co-packing is an excellent choice. We’ll tell you what co-packing is, show you the problems it can solve, and introduce some of our related services.

Co-packing Solutions

There’s nothing worse than having an opportunity for growth and not being able to take it. Co-packing can take a lot of weight off a company’s shoulders and help them meet growing customer and client needs. It also provides an added layer of security. If there’s a problem at your place of business and you can’t meet demand, Baker’s Pride is here to help.

Private Labeling

Want to meet your demands with ease and maintain your distinctive brand? With private labeling, we’ll provide the desired products within your specifications, with your company’s logo and company information.

Another popular aspect of co-packing is how it can help your company offer excellent promotions. Offering baked goods at a promotion could attract potential customers, and offering baked goods that include your company name and logo could result in an even larger uptick in sales.

Custom Co-packing Plans Custom Co-packing Plans

Let’s discuss a co-packing relationship. Make us your “Secondary Source,” your backup supplier, and you’ll know that your orders are going to be filled and delivered as scheduled.

At Baker’s Pride, we pride ourselves in focusing on the details and product specifications given to us by our co-pack customers. The way we see it, Baker’s Pride can be an extension of your business. With second source supply from Baker’s Pride, you’ll enjoy a seamless working relationship. We’ll maintain an open line of communication, so when you need us most we’ll be able to meet your needs.

Give us a call and we’ll discuss your needs, introduce our line of products and services, and arrange for a facility visit. For more news and analysis about co-packing, read our previous blogs.