Baker's Pride Team
Baker's Pride Team

Nov 23rd, 2018

Our mission is getting delicious, nutritious baked goods in our customers’ hands, which means that making sure those products are safe is crucially important. Part of that what makes co-packing work is that we make sure that the food defense plan protects the product from top to bottom.

Intentional contamination incidents are thankfully rare, but that does not mean constant vigilance and high standards can be disregarded. With that in mind, savvy producers will look for partners who are just as committed to high quality consumer protection as they are. With our record of excellence, we’ve partnered with several of the largest baked goods companies in the United States.

When evaluating co-packers, making an informed decision is key. Critical evaluation factors include security measures in the facility itself, professional achievement in the field, and widespread staff adherence to FDA-approved safety measures.

Keeping the Factory Safe

Good co-packers run a tight ship on the factory floor, limiting access to unpackaged products by anyone except for necessary/authorized personnel. A strict access code system should be implemented, as well as putting extra emphasis on protecting and monitoring shipping and receiving areas.

Looking for Quality

The US Food and Drug Administration offers a wide variety of certifications and courses on food safety, many of which come with official qualifications that should be displayed prominently around the factory. These can be for individual staff, such as the Food Defense 101 Certificate, or built for teams, such as the Front-Line Employee Security Training Program. In addition to these federal qualifications, many local universities offer professional development courses in the area for biosecurity, operations safety, contamination emergency training and more.

Widespread Staff Buy-In

The most important factor to a safe, well-run co-packing facility is staff-wide commitment to maintaining the standards. Individual trainings are effective and particularly important for higher-up staff who manage more sensitive content, but no one person can be everywhere at once. Good co-packers promote an institutional culture where every employee, from shipping professionals to Chief Executive Officers, buys in to the ideals of the Employees FIRST Initiative:

  • Follow the food defense plan
  • Inspect the work area
  • Recognize unusual occurrences
  • Secure supplies and products from tampering
  • Telling management of any suspicions immediately

At Baker’s Pride, our focus is on bringing healthy food to happy customers. That means having comprehensive understanding of what safety standards mean, and an all-in commitment to reaching those standards.

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