Baker's Pride Team
Baker's Pride Team

Jun 01st, 2019

Because all of our co-packing relationships begin with a nondisclosure agreement, we can’t provide you with details about our customers… What we can tell you is how our delicious donuts and fresh, pre-sliced, packaged breads got the attention of a potential account and how a resulting in-person meeting got us the business of their supplier as well.

Presenting Dynamite Donuts to a Potential Customer

We presented a potential co-packing customer with our yeast raised donuts and a wide variety of other cake donuts – Donut Holes, Gems (Minis), Round Cake Donuts in plain, powdered, cinnamon, sour cream, devil’s food, etc. The response we received was fantastic. We also presented our delicious pre-sliced, packaged breads.

Awaiting a Response

Based on their excitement, and their comments about the pristine appearance and the high quality of everything we had presented, we were surprised when there was a delay in hearing back from them. The plot thickened when we heard back from a company that was the potential customer’s current supplier…

A Partnership with Quality Baked-In

Turns out, the potential customer was impressed with our work and they had contacted their supplier, who later got in touch with us. A meeting was scheduled, and we talked of our co-packing and private labeling capabilities. Our commitment to quality, our facility, our equipment and our ideal location provided many interesting topics for discussion. The meeting was such a success that we started co-packing for them. What resulted was a real win-win for the customer and the supplier – and the beginning of a long and profitable relationship.

Why it Matters

The speed of business today is a blur. And we understand that better than anyone. But what made this new relationship possible wasn’t just the exemplary quality of our breads and donuts – it was also that an interested organization took the time to meet with us and see our facilities. We hope you will too!

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