Baker's Pride Team

Aug 27th, 2019

Looking for a good way to increase profits in a time of uncertainty without making big investments? Baked goods private labeling could be your answer — whether you’re a grocery store bakery, bakeshop or large multinational food company.

What is Baked Goods Private Labeling?

Baked goods private labeling allows you to access a wider selection of products using a third-party supplier who will produce products under your brand. 

Private labeling has become a common practice in both the service and retail industry as it provides an easy and affordable way to get new products to market. Major retailers and restaurants use the practice as it allows them to mass-produce products without sacrificing quality. For smaller businesses, you can use private labeling to offer a fresh, high-quality product without the need to invest in new equipment, space, or staff. 

Private Labeling from Baker’s Pride

Baker’s Pride offers a turnkey private label process. You can private label our products and distribute them either directly to your single location, to various supermarkets, or for preparation at your own bakery or restaurant. 

You can produce baked goods at a reduced cost, which allows you to sell them at a greater profit. The quality associated with your brand is never sacrificed, so you always provide your customers with a product worthy of your name, without the high cost. 

In our case, we offer our customers the option to order frozen, ready to thaw, or ready-to-finish baked goods as well as ready-to-sell pre-packaged goods.

Why Use Baked Goods Private Labeling?

If you are looking to start selling something new, private labeling is often the best route. If you don’t have the experience, you can gain from the expertise of a private labeling company. You can develop a new product with a private labeling company that can get to market faster, as you are working with a larger manufacturer

You can also choose private labeling if you want to ensure a new product meets the demands and expectations of your customers. If you want to test a new line of bread with your customers, for example, a private label company makes it easy to find a product you feel meets your standards. If the product doesn’t test well with your customers, you haven’t invested too much time or money into product development. 

Private labeling companies can also assist with co-packing and distribution. We provide co-packing arrangements and have a Midwest distribution center to reduce distribution costs from coast to coast.

Why Baked Goods Private Labeling Works

There are many reasons private labeling works in the baked goods industry, including:

  • Production control: Although the product is made off-site, you have complete control over everything from quality to ingredients and packaging.
  • Pricing control and profitability: Because private labeling is so affordable, you can set the cost at a profitable price while still remaining competitive.
  • Adaptability: As a small business, you can jump to meet the changing needs of your customers, whether it is a new product, a more appealing package or both.
  • Branding: All of your products will bear your brand name with customized package design for your business.

When you partner with baked goods private labeling companies, you reduce headaches and costs while improving your product offering.

A Leader in Co-Packing in the Food Industry

Baker’s Pride is a trusted co-packing and private labeling partner to midsize and multinational baked goods companies across the country.

We rigorously maintain the quality and consistency of our delicious products, help expand our customers’ production capacity and distribution, and simplify their logistics.

For more information about our products or what we can do for your brand, visit our homepage today!