Jul 15th, 2019

Co-packing is an obvious choice for companies that have found success baking their products in commercial kitchens or small food manufacturing plants and are looking to take their business to the next level. Co-packing is all about scaling. 

If you’ve gotten quotes from several firms and been surprised at the price tag, it’s probably due to one or both of the reasons below:

  1. You don’t realize how much it’s actually costing you to bake your own products
  2. You aren’t factoring in the consistency or long-term cost savings delivered by baked goods co-packing 

This blog should clear up some of the confusion.

How much does it really cost to make your own products?

Are you factoring in how much time and effort you and your co-owners are personally putting in? It’s no secret that owners typically work two or three times harder and accomplish two or three times more than an ordinary employee. 

By outsourcing production to a contract manufacturer, you will spend less time watching people make your products and overseeing the thousand-and-one details necessary to make it go right and more time doing what you — and only you — can do: sell product, build your brand, find investors and grow your company.

How consistent are co-packed baked goods compared to the original?

One of the more underappreciated benefits of baked goods co-packing is that it maintains product quality and consistency remarkably well — sometimes even better than the real thing. Co-packers live and breathe quality control. Our business is set up on the foundation of delivering reliable results day after day and year after year. 

We had some interesting proof of this concept after a long-time customer came to us complaining that the products we were baking for them had changed. When we investigated further, it was discovered that their in-house process for baking the product had strayed over the years — but ours had remained literally unchanged from the original instructions. In short, we were making their products better than they were. 

How does co-packing deliver long-term cost savings?

Scaling a business isn’t cheap, but co-packing eliminates two of the most expensive aspects: equipment investments and labor costs.

With a baked goods co-packing partner, you can scale your business without taking on new employees — typically the most expensive line item — and expand distribution without incorporating in new states. 

You’ll also benefit from having your products made with state-of-the-art equipment without having to purchase the equipment yourself. 

Co-Packing and Private Labeling from Baker’s Pride

Baker’s Pride is a trusted co-packing and private labeling partner to midsize and multinational baked goods companies across the country.

We rigorously maintain the quality and consistency of our delicious products, help expand our customers’ production capacity and distribution, and simplify their logistics.

For more information about our products or what we can do for your brand, visit our homepage today!