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White Bread May Become A Healthy Option in the Future

White bread is a favorite among people around the world. Even though it has long been considered unhealthy, sales still outnumber those for whole wheat bread. Taste is a big factor here, as many find whole wheat alternatives to be not as tasty. Thanks to science, fans of white bread may soon be able to eat it as a healthy choice.

Why Is White Bread Unhealthy?

The starch in white bread and potatoes is rapidly digested by the body, making it not very filling because it doesn’t reach the lower intestine. It also causes a huge sugar spike that our bodies are not programmed to handle well. This can result in weight gain and the risk of Type-2 diabetes. Even though whole wheat bread also contains starch, it doesn’t have as high of a glycemic index and the starch molecules aren’t highly branched. Highly branched molecules and high glycemic index both cause the rapid digestion of white bread.

The New Research

Members of the Norwich-based Quadram Institute are actively researching the possibility to alter starch in a way that makes us able to digest it at a slower rate. One approach they are considering is to modify the starch molecules so that they are more linear. This would cause the digestion to slow down quite a bit, making you feel fuller and avoid the rush of sugar.

How Could This Be Done?

Professor Mithen from the Quadram Institute believes that the healthier starch can be made through plant breeding instead of genetic engineering. Some of the strains of wheat they have looked at had more linear starch.

How Long Will This Take?

Even though this healthy white bread is being actively researched, it could be a long time before we are able to get it from our local grocery store shelf. Professor Mithen predicts that in about 20 years we could see a variety of healthier food options that still retain the same look and taste we love.

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