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What’s Shaking in the Baking Industry? 2014 Trends

Let’s talk baking, politics, and the sophisticated consumer.  These are the trends discussed at the Dusseldorf, Germany 2014 Interpack Processing and Packaging Leading Trade Fair. Times are changing and so are breads and pastries.  The baking industry is adapting to fast paced technology and sophisticated consumer demands with high flexibility.  Globalization is rapidly evolving the middle class and manufacturers are catering to their big appetites. To stay abreast with the rapid changes and compete in the mass market, bakers are driven by the broad and changing demands of the more educated consumer.  The Millennial Generation is revolutionizing business trends and craving gourmet products.  Companies are reacting to customer trends with creative renditions of epicurean delicacies that are sustainable and are efficiently massed produced.    Breads and pastries have a longer shelf life and businesses must run 24/ 7 to meet consumer immediacy.   The middle class is increasing with globalization. The baking industry is adjusting to the fast pace of change and absorbing local demands.  Management is investing in their staff to learn local languages, understand cultural challenges, and hire those who actually like the local food. The biggest challenge for management right now is risk litigation.  They are required to be available 24/7 and have more face to face time. Having offices in multiple areas worldwide helps resolve and adapt to cultural diversity. Surprisingly, Russia is the biggest growth market right now. Even with the political uncertainty in the region, the Russian population is looking for outside sources to provide local scrumptious delights.  Siberia is a growing tech market and so is their love for breads and pastries. Another emerging market is China.  And with the huge Chinese population, meeting their demands and local taste buds is a big feat to concur. So speedy innovation, political crises, and global mega trends with a collectively sophisticated consumer is where the baking industry is headed.   Who knew baking, politics, and local sustainability were the ways of breads, pastries, and donuts. Baker’s Pride is kept abreast global trends and local consumer demands.  Contact us today to see how we can help serve your local area.