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ways bread can be oddly useful

8 Ways Bread Can Be Oddly Useful

Do you find yourself obsessed with bread? If you are eating it with almost every meal there’s a good chance you are. You slather it with avocado or butter, make a sandwich, or eat it with some fresh spaghetti. Who can blame you though? Bread is delicious. However, did you know that bread can have a variety of other uses outside of the kitchen? These may sound crazy, but they actually work. Get ready to never see bread the same again:

1. Removing Stains

Did you accidentally stain your wall, cabinet, or counter? Don’t reach for that cleaning spray just yet! Take some of your white or rye bread, roll it into a ball, and lightly brush it against the surface where the stain occurred. This should successfully remove the stain!

2. Absorbing Grease Spills

  Grease spills can often be a nuisance to take care of. Try using a piece of bread to absorb the grease! Simply press it over the spill until all of it is soaked up.

3. Treating Calluses and Boils

  Got a nasty callus or boil? Use some bread! For calluses, you should soak a piece of bread in apple cider vinegar and then attach the bread to your callus using tape and plastic wrap. If you keep the bread on the callus overnight, it should help it heal. For boils, you can just substitute the apple cider vinegar for milk and follow the same steps!

4. Blocking Unappetizing Vegetable Odor

  Some vegetables (i.e. broccoli) let out a somewhat displeasing smell when you cook them. If you place a slice of bread directly on top of the vegetables in a pot or skillet, it should prevent them from letting out a nasty smell.

5. Cleaning Dusty Paintings

  Paintings are prone to collecting dirt and dust over time. If you notice this, try using some soft bread to gently clean off the painting.

6. Stopping You From Crying (While Cutting Onions)

  Cutting onions tends to make people a little teary-eyed. To counteract this, put a piece of bread in your mouth (don’t eat it!) and let it absorb the sulfates that are responsible for making you cry.

7. Picking Up Broken Glass

  When a glass is broken, it causes tiny shards to spread all over that can be very difficult to pick up or even see. If you gently dab a piece of bread against the area surrounding the broken glass, it can pick up all the little shards.

8. Removing Splinters

  Got a splinter? Don’t reach for those tweezers just yet! Bread can make removing a splinter far less painful. The easiest way to do this is to soak a piece of bread in some cold milk, squeeze it out, and then tape the bread to the area of your skin where the splinter is located. For best results, you should keep it there overnight. After this, the splinter should have risen closer to the surface of your skin, making it much easier to remove.

Want to Try These Odd Uses Yourself?

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