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The Meaning Behind a Twist Tie Color

Though we all have a different favorite brand or type of bread, they all share one thing in common: the twist tie sealing their freshness. Have you ever wondered why these twist ties come in different colors? If you thought these colors were just assigned randomly, you’re not alone. However, there is actually a deeper meaning behind a bread’s twist tie color!

Why Are the Twist Ties Colored?

A majority of bread manufacturers will use different colored twist ties in order to tell consumers when the bread was baked. The purpose of doing so is to let grocery store employees know when it’s time to take the bread off the shelves. Additionally, it gives consumers a better idea of how fresh the loaf is.

What Does Each Color Mean?

Most commonly, there are five varying colors that are used; representing the five-day delivery schedule. Bread is not usually baked on Wednesdays and Sundays, so these days are skipped. Here are the colors that are assigned to each day:
  • Monday: Blue
  • Tuesday: Green
  • Thursday: Red
  • Friday: White
  • Saturday: Yellow

What Color Should You Get?

When picking out your beloved loaf of bread, you are going to want to take home one that was delivered that same day. To illustrate, if you are shopping for bread on a Monday, take home a loaf that has a blue twist tie. If you’re shopping on a Wednesday or Sunday (the days that are skipped), look for a loaf that was delivered on Tuesday or Saturday respectively.

Does Every Supermarket Do This?

Quite simply, the answer is no. Not every supermarket may employ this color-coded system for bread. Some may have a different color system than the one we outlined above, or some may not have one at all. The color system we discussed does appear to be the most common one, though. To be safe, it is best for you to ask an employee about the specific color tie system they use for their bread.

All This Bread Talk Making You Hungry?

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