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Want to Minimize Waste? Toast Your Frozen Bread

Picture this: you just got home with some delicious brie cheese and you can’t wait to spread it on some toasted bread. Yet, when you look in your cabinet, the bread you’ve been using has grown mold. So, not only do you have to find a substitution for this bread, but you also have to throw away the rest of it. To prevent this nightmare from ever becoming a reality, toast frozen bread instead!

Freezing Bread

If you have the slightest fear that you won’t be able to enjoy the entirety of your loaf of bread before it goes stale or grows mold, pop it in the freezer! Doing so will keep the loaf of bread fresh for much longer. Best of all, you can easily toast your bread straight from the freezer, without having to defrost it first. So, no time is wasted while you secure the freshness of your bread!

“Make Toast Not Waste”

This advice to toast your bread straight from the freezer actually derives from an anti-waste company’s campaign taking place in the UK, called “Make Toast Not Waste.” Their goal is to educate the public on strategies for preserving a loaf of bread’s freshness. The campaign is a result of the 24 million slices of bread that are wasted each day because they have gone stale or grown mold. Additionally, they had conducted a survey in which one in four people aged 18-34 admitted to being clueless when it comes to keeping their bread fresh for longer.

Taking Notes from the UK

People in the US are just as guilty of wasting bread, and thus should take part in this initiative as well. This doesn’t just help reduce our waste, but also saves people money. By freezing your bread, you are keeping your bread for longer and preventing the need for you to spend extra money to replace the loaf of bread.

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