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Ideas for Your Thanksgiving Bread Basket

Bread plays a more important role in a Thanksgiving dinner than you might think. People will need a break in between scarfing down massive amounts of turkey, ham, mashed potatoes, baked ziti, and green beans. What do most people reach for during this break? Bread, of course! Having bread handy is also essential for soaking up the extra gravy on your plate. Thus, it is smart to give some consideration to the type of bread you would like to feature at your Thanksgiving dinner. Depending on your dishes, you may want to provide either standard white bread, rolls, cornbread, or biscuits—or all four! If you need some help deciding what bread to make, here are a few ideas for your Thanksgiving bread basket:

White Bread With Crunchy Crust

This bread is a simple, standard Thanksgiving bread. It isn’t anything special, but it will be enough to please your guests. The crust adds an extra satisfying crunch.

Pumpkin Bread

While making this bread, if you substitute pumpkin purée for water, you will be treated to a beautiful loaf of bread with an orange tint. The taste remains mostly the same, allowing you to make your bread look festive without totally compromising the original taste.

Golden Brown Dinner Rolls

Dinner rolls are a crowd favorite, but you need to make sure they can withstand all the gravy and butter that they will likely get slathered with. Your rolls should be golden brown so that they are fluffy and have a sturdy crust.


Having sweetened cornbread at the table is a great way to add a little kick to the standard Thanksgiving dinner bread basket. It’s almost like a mini-dessert, since it has a cake-like texture and sugar mixed in. Alternatively, you can choose to serve unsweetened cornbread, which will make it more appropriate for use as a savory Thanksgiving side dish.

Fluffy Golden Brown Buns

These golden brown buns not only taste great (thanks to the honey and butter) but also look great! Their shiny tops are aesthetically-pleasing, making them a great addition to your Thanksgiving bread basket.


The more flaky Thanksgiving biscuits are, the better. That’s why the buttermilk biscuit is perfect for the occasion, since it uses baking powder, butter, and steam to develop multiple tender, flavorful, and flaky layers.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Looking for recipes for the above Thanksgiving bread basket ideas? Check out this article from Serious Eats!

From All of Us at Baker’s Pride, Happy Thanksgiving!

To celebrate Thanksgiving, share some of our delicious bread at the table! Baker’s Pride has always focused on baking quality foods with simple, fresh ingredients right here in the U.S. And we are proud to provide our customers a variety of sliced and wrapped breads that compliment a wide range of preferences. Contact us today to learn more about our bread and donut products.