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Scientific Reasons for Eating Bread

Scientific Reasons for Eating Bread

Ask anyone taking part in the “keto” diet and they will tell you why you should avoid eating bread. They’ll claim such things as that it is fattening, can cause Alzheimer’s, and so on. There are even books in which the authors will denounce bread with so-called evidence. However, if you look at trusted, science-backed evidence on bread and its impact on your health, you will find that it is actually beneficial in many ways. Below are a few of these scientific reasons for eating bread:  

It Minimizes Health Risks

  A postdoctoral researcher at the School of Public Health at Imperial College in London, Dagfinn Aune, found that consuming whole-grain bread can actually minimize the risk of getting type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. Furthermore, it possible that it can actually increase life expectancy!  

It’s Nutrient-Rich

  Certain people will argue that bread is a “junk” food – right up there with cookies, gummy bears, and chocolate. Science, however, tells us otherwise. In fact, consuming whole-grain bread is a great way for people to get their key nutrients, such as fiber. This is important because the fiber found in whole-grain bread has been proven to slow down the speed in which the small intestine absorbs fat and carbohydrates. This can allow someone to feel fuller faster and keep blood sugar under control. There have even been studies that have suggested that people who consume roughly six slices of bread a day are less likely to be overweight.  

The One Condition

  While discussing all of these scientific reasons for eating bread, one thing should be highlighted – this doesn’t all apply to white bread. White bread contains far fewer nutrients compared to whole-grain bread, and the high concentration of starch can lead to fatigue and possibly increased fat build-up around the abdominals. However, this doesn’t mean that white bread is as bad for you as some people claim. Enjoying white bread every once in a while isn’t going to do any significant harm to your health.

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