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Questions You May Want to Ask Your Co-Packer

For those in search of a co-packing partner, Baker’s Pride wants you to be prepared for the process. To aid you in the search, we’ve compiled a list of useful questions to ask a potential co-packer.

• Is my projected volume predictable enough to determine a production schedule?

• Does the co-packer have the available production line time to produce the anticipated volumes?

• Is there a minimum quantity per production run?

• Does the co-packer have all of the equipment needed to produce your product? If you require short runs, can your co-packer accommodate any unpredictable or last minute changes in the order?

• What special raw materials or packaging does your product require?

• Does this item fit into the co-packer’s production process?

• What certifications do your facilities have?


• Can the co-packer provide the finished product according to your requirements and specifications? (Fresh, Frozen, Delivered, Pickup, etc.)

• Is your co-packer willing to sign a Co-Packing Agreement?

Baked Fresh or Frozen, Bulk or Packaged, Delivery or Pickup. Baker’s Pride, Inc. is your partner for quality baked goods, with private label and branded baked good solutions. We provide private-label customers with top-quality products. To learn more about co-packing with Baker’s Pride, contact us today at 319.753.6488.