Proud to Supply Fresh Baked, Healthy and Traditional Pre-Sliced Breads

At Baker’s Pride we pride ourselves on our wholesome breads that any brand or private label would be proud to offer. We can bake our breads with sugar or high fructose corn syrup. All are 0 Trans Fat. We are proud to provide our customers a variety of sliced and wrapped breads that compliment a wide range of preferences.

Please find a complete list of our bread options below :

100% Whole Wheat

Our 100% Whole Wheat bread provides numerous healthy benefits with a deep, inviting flavor and aroma. (24 oz. package, 22 grams of whole grains per serving).

Split Top Wheat

Our Split Top Wheat bread and is an all-around favorite that is perfect for sandwiches. (20 oz. package, no saturated fat).

Honey Wheat

This healthy bread has just a touch of honey for added sweetness. Our Honey Wheat bread is delicious toasted or topped with peanut butter. (20 oz. package, 70 calories per serving).

Oat Bran

Wholesome, toasty oatmeal makes our Oat Bran bread delicious. (20 oz. package, 60 calories per serving).


Our hearty 12-Grain bread is full of health-giving whole grains, creating an amazing flavor and interesting texture. (24 oz. package).

White Bread

A favorite for kids of all ages, our traditional White Bread is wonderfully soft, and is a great source of calcium. (20 oz. package, made with enriched flour).   To learn more about our bread options, call us today at 319.753.6488 for more information.