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Product Quality

How we got Actual Proof of our Product Quality

As a commercial baker, you know the importance of product quality. If you’re a bread and/or donut producer that’s exceeding your production capacity, you may have thought about co-packing as an alternative to costly new hires and new commercial baking facilities.

But let’s face it: it takes a lot of trust to allow another company to bake products for you and label them with your brand.

The Importance of Product Quality and Consistency

Though having state-of-the-art commercial facilities and consistent on-time deliveries is important, the most important factor in a co-packing relationship is quality – consistent, never-ceasing, never-failing quality year after year after year.

So, you can imagine our surprise when we received a few minor complaints from one of our customers. Apparently, the products they were receiving had changed and were not the same as they had previously been.

Errors on Our Part…Or were they?

When we co-pack for a customer, we produce according to their specifications.

When this long-time customer came to us with a complaint, we immediately got to work investigating the cause of the discrepancy. Soon it was clear that we were meeting the product specs. What happened was that their own production process had ever so slowly wandered from their original desired specifications over the years. They didn’t notice until they compared the two products – ours and theirs – side by side.

In short, we were making their product more consistently and reliably to their specifications than they were.

Why it Matters

In the end, we reviewed the original specs together with our customer, made a few modifications and put all producers back on track to provide complete consistency from all locations. Our goal is to provide consistent product quality that matches those of the customer for which we produce. As you can see, we achieve this goal and then some.

Try co-packing or switch from your current co-packer to us and you know what you’re going to get: consistent, reliable product quality year after year after year.

About Baker’s Pride

At Baker’s Pride, we provide reliable co-packing and advanced private labeling to help increase our customers’ production capacity and give them the ability to scale their products and distribution without incurring hefty labor and equipment costs.

We invest in our co-packing partners’ success by investing in the latest commercial baking equipment and skilled commercial bakers. Our large freezer space allows us to handle large productions and customized orders with ease—anything from donut holes and rings to delicious sliced packaged breads. Visit our homepage for more information!