Standard Private Label Process

At Baker’s Pride, we pride ourselves on our products. We look forward to providing our quality goods and services to our loyal customers. Our private labeling process allows our customers to private label our product and distribute to their various convenience stores and supermarkets to sell through the in-store bakery channel. Our baked goods are of equal or superior quality to name-brand products and sold at a discount to most brands. As a commercial bakery, we are proud to take the opportunity to bake the highest quality products to satisfy both our customers and their customers. Private labeling provides our customers with the opportunity to decrease costs for themselves and consumers while still offering a superior quality product.  

Let us explain the Baker’s Pride donut private-labeling process and its benefits:

  • The largest concern for in-store bakeries is labor cost. Well-trained and experienced bakers are expensive. Baker’s Pride supplies frozen baked goods to its customers to make at a specific temperature in-house. This, in turn, reduces the level of employee experience associated with baking from scratch.
  • We closely monitor all items to ensure quality, added freshness and consistency within any and all of your designated specifications.
  • All of our donuts pass through a -20° F freezer blast and metal protection prior to being packaged frozen. Once packaged, products are then held at -10° F in a holding freezer. This process produces a product that guarantees consistent and fresh quality held to the Baker’s Pride high standards as well as ensures product integrity.
  • All products are available in multiple packaging and flexible size options for the convenience of our customers.
  • Our Midwest distribution center, centrally located in Burlington, Iowa, makes for ease of delivery or pick up from coast to coast.
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