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What Means the Most to Consumers When Choosing Packaged Sliced Bread?

What means the most to consumers when they select packaged sliced bread? According to the results of a Dupont Nutrition and Health study, consumers in retail settings are most likely to choose packaged sliced bread based on freshness, with price also a strong factor. Somewhat surprisingly, what’s on the label doesn’t appear to be all that important when it comes to packaged sliced bread.

The results of the study were presented in February at Bakingtech 2018 in Chicago by Janelle Crawford of Dupont Nutrition and Health.  

How Do Consumers Determine Freshness?

Based on the presentations, consumers based the freshness of bread on three characteristics:




What Happens in the Bread Aisle?

The presentation revealed that bread is one of the biggest grocery items that cause shoppers to go to the store, But when they get to the bread aisle, 85% said they make a quick or rushed bread selection, while 91% said they spend five minutes or less in the bread aisle.

It also showed that most consumers have a regular brand that they choose, based on “sensory characteristics and value for the money satisfaction.” This preferred brand can be either a name brand or a store brand.

The research also indicated that even though most consumers have a regular, they will consider switching when other brands are on sale.  

Americans Love Their Bread

There was some other good news. Americans love their bread, and it’s still considered a staple of their diets. And 81% said they eat as much or more bread now than they did a year ago. And bread consumption was higher in households with children.  

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