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Names for the End Slice of Bread

The Various Names for the End Slice of Bread

Have you ever looked at a loaf of bread and wondered: what is the name for these two end slices? Around the world, people have come up with many different names for the end slice of bread. In order to find out the most popular names, one Reddit user decided to conduct a survey. Below, we summarize the results, putting together a list of the various names for the end slice of bread.

#1 Response: “The Heel”

Roughly 37% of the responses for the survey said that they refer to the end slice of bread as “the heel.” Most of the responders who used this term were of Irish descent, making this the name for the end slice in Ireland.

#2 Response: “The End”

The second most popular response was simply “the end.” Other variations included “the end piece” or “the end slice.”

#3 Response: “The Butt”

20% of responders, mostly Americans, called the end slice “the butt.” Chances are that if you are reading this, you have probably heard someone refer to the end slice using this name. Other variations include “the bum” or “the rump.” Even responders from the Netherlands said that they called it the “kontje,” which translates to “booty.”

#4 Response: “The Crust”

Lastly, the fourth most popular response was “the crust.” This is a term deriving from Australia, as most of the responders to the survey who used this term came from the land down under.

Other Interesting Names

While not as popular as the names listed above, a few other names were listed in the responses to the survey. Some of these names were more negative, referring to the end slice as “garbage,” “trash,” “the ugly slice,” and even “Satanspawn.” Scottish responders referred to it as the “doorstep,” the “outsider,” and the “knobby.” One of the oddest names given was “the boogeyman bread.”

At Least One Person Likes It

One of the few positive responses came from just one individual from Canada, who labeled the end slice as “the best part.” Some people believe that it is ideal for enjoying toasted bread and butter. It seems as though when it comes to naming the end slices of bread, everyone has attributed a unique term. What do you think the end slice should be called?

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