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Let it Flow, Let it Flow: National Food Safety Month Takes on Restaurant Processes

September is the National Restaurant Association’s National Food Safety Month, making it a prime time for businesses and individuals alike to educate themselves on the standards and best practices of food sanitation. The Association has named September 2015’s area of focus “Let it Flow,” referring to the flow of food through commercial kitchens.

The Background

The National Restaurant Association created the event in 1994 to highlight the importance of food safety standards and bring the industry together to put them into practice. With the restaurant industry serving a whopping 130 million meals per day and the average American eating out 70+ times per year at over one million restaurants and food service establishments, education on food safety is an imperative.

Fortunately, the Association’s initiative provides a wealth of ways for the industry to educate itself, including free training activities and workspace posters. The idea is to promote food safety and give managers and owners the tools to enforce regulations. Baker’s Pride has been a long-time supporter of food safety and standards.

The Facts

Each week of Food Safety Month has its sub-theme within the greater idea of the campaign. The themes occur chronologically to match the flow of food through a production facility: receiving, storing, thawing, preparing, and serving. Any good process manager will already have this process maximized for efficiency — now they can maximize its safety too.

The National Restaurant Association provides flexible tips that can be applied to any establishment. All restaurants and food prep facilities have their way of getting food in the door—whether they’re receiving cases of frozen cinnamon roll dough or bushels of fresh oranges from the grove down the road. Food Safety Month’s website provides optimal temperatures for both receiving and storing many different varieties of food. The National Restaurant Association has also provided quiz worksheets that can be used to test employees on their knowledge of current laws.

The Takeaways

When it comes to food production, as with any plan of action, breaking each component down into smaller parts is key. “Keep it cool, keep it fresh, and keep it separate” is the key lesson

From the smallest restaurant to the biggest production facility, good hygiene standards are the key to healthy, happy customers. Baker’s Pride is deeply committed to making sure products are as safe as they are delicious. Visit our website to find out more about our products, or contact us to place your order today.