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How we can help keep in-store bakeries profitable

In-store bakeries often struggle with the high cost of hiring experienced bakers, but the need to provide high-quality, delicious donuts, bread and other baked goods isn’t  going anywhere. They have a business to run and customers to satisfy. So are in-store bakeries out of luck?

How in-store bakeries should NOT reduce labor costs

Some in-store bakeries reduce the high cost of labor by hiring less experienced bakers. Frequently this has the predictable result: product quality suffers, customers are unsatisfied, and expensive commercial baking equipment goes unused.

Reducing labor costs without sacrificing product quality

One way to reduce the high cost of labor is by making it possible for less-experienced staff to do the baking. That’s what we do here at Baker’s Pride, and our approach has helped in-store bakeries overcome high labor costs, satisfy loyal customers and avoid sacrificing quality.

What we produce and how we ensure quality

We produce frozen baked goods for in-store bakeries and tailor our products to meet customers’ exact specifications. They avoid the high labor cost associated with baking from scratch and drastically simplify their supply chains.   Our production process is configured in such a manner that all of our donuts pass through a -20° F blast freezer and metal detection prior to being packaged frozen. Then, they are held around -10° F in our in-house holding freezer. This process guarantees consistent and fresh quality.

Your packaging options

Baker’s Pride produces and packages baked goods for small companies and multinational industry leaders.  We let our customer select the packaging options – whether pre-packaged or bulk – that work best for their bakery. Our facilities combine traditional baking methods, modern technologies and innovative co-packing and labeling strategies to meet the needs and preferences of in-store bakeries from coast to coast. The result has been long-lasting partnerships and many profitable in-store bakeries. To learn more about how we can help you remain profitable for years to come, give us a call at 319.753.6488 or visit our homepage today!