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How Much Healthier is Whole Wheat Bread

How Much Healthier is Whole Wheat Bread?

We all have heard people preaching about how whole wheat bread is much better for you than traditional white bread. However, not everyone is aware of the specific reasons why. In addition, there are some who claim that the way in which wheat is processed today makes all types of wheat not very healthy anymore. In an attempt to resolve this debate, let’s explore the question on everyone’s minds: how much healthier is whole wheat bread?

Manufacturing Shift

    Today’s technology has caused us to change how we manufacture wheat, making it more accessible and convenient. At the same time, this has provided more opportunities for us to process and refine the grains. This manufacturing makes it easier than ever to create both white and whole wheat bread. However, unlike white wheat, whole wheat bread is only lightly processed. Therefore, it still contains many healthy vitamins and nutrients, and the manufacturing shift shouldn’t be much of a concern.          

Whole Wheat vs. White Wheat

    Whole wheat and white wheat are far more different than you’d expect. To illustrate, whole wheat contains the bran, the germ, and the endosperm. What are these, you may ask? The bran is the outer layer of the whole wheat, containing loads of Vitamin B. The germ is the inner layer, which contains vitamins and healthy fats. Lastly, the endosperm is the section between the bran and the germ. This part is almost entirely starch, but with a few proteins and vitamins.   White wheat, on the other hand, is created by processing whole wheat to take out the bran and the germ. This leaves behind only the endosperm, which is mostly starch and removes all the vitamins, fiber, and minerals. Thus, white wheat is made of a substantial amount of starch—something that your body converts into sugar very fast. When consuming white wheat, you are also more prone to energy crashes and jitters.   In terms of the healthy content, whole wheat clearly wins. It is filled with important nutrients that your body requires to function. You’ll feel more energized and less stressed after consuming whole wheat bread. It has even been found to reduce risks of coronary heart disease, cardiovascular disease, and cancer.          

Ready to Reap the Benefits of Whole Wheat Bread?

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