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how long have people been eating bread

How Long Have People Been Eating Bread?

If you asked this question as early as last week, the answer would have been radically different than today. Archaeologists have made a fascinating new discovery at a prehistoric site in northeastern Jordan, revealing that people have been eating bread for roughly 15,000 years. This is much longer than we previously thought, as the last evidence of bread was found in Turkey and dated back to about 9,000 years ago.  

What Did They Find?

Charred breadcrumbs were discovered around an ancient fireplace of a Natufian hunter-gatherer site. The archaeologists say the tiny pieces of bread resembled something you would find inside your toaster. Despite not looking appetizing, they have given scientists new information that they could not obtain anywhere else.  

How Did the Natufians Make Bread?

Archaeologists noticed that the breadcrumbs were made up of cereals and club-rush tubers ground into a flour, similar to what you would find at a bakery. They suspect that the Natufians combined this flour with water in order to make a dough. The Natufians could have then baked the bread over the fire pit, on the ashes, or on a hot stone.    

What Impact Does This Have?

Before this discovery, scientists had associated the first production of bread with the beginning of agricultural practices during the Neolithic period. This new finding means that people were actually making bread before the beginning of agriculture. One of the archaeologists who made this discovery, Amaia Arranz-Otaegui, says that “[O]ur work shows that bread was not a product of settled societies, but, perhaps, a precursor to it.”  

What’s Next?

Arranz-Otaegui and her team plan to keep searching for undiscovered food remains at prehistoric sites in Jordan. They also plan on doing more research on these breadcrumbs to understand the role that this bread played during this time period.  

Celebrate This Discovery with Us!

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