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“Healthy” Food Labeling Comment Period Extended by FDA

The meaning of the term “healthy” may seem clear to you. But the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is taking more time to receive public comments and information from those in the food industry regarding this prickly term.

FDA “Healthy” Food Labeling Comment Period Extended

It was decided that the original 120-day comment period, which was due to expire on January 26th 2017, was not enough time. Therefore, the deadline has been moved to April 26th 2017.Among other concerns, the FDA is seeking nutrient-specific commentary on the term “healthy” for food labeling purposes.

Comments can be sent electronically via: The FDA’s goal in all of this? To help consumers quickly make healthy food choices and to encourage the food industry to develop healthier products. On the industry side, the goal is to “encourage companies to change their products to have better nutrition profiles. The end result will be more healthy dietary choices for consumers.”

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