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Healthy Antioxidant Found in Bread Crust

The Healthy Antioxidant Found in Bread Crust

You may want to think twice next time you throw away the crust of your sandwich. A new study from the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry reports that the bread’s crust contains pronyl-lysine. This is an antioxidant that has the ability to boost the activity of enzymes that are linked to cancer prevention in one’s body. Furthermore, researchers from the Institute of Human Nutrition and Food Science in Germany uncovered that pronyl-lysine was eight times more prominent in the crust of bread than any other part. Below, we take a deeper look into this healthy antioxidant found in bread crust:

How the Antioxidant is Formed

When a loaf of bread is baking, the crust is formed as a result of the Maillard reaction, a chemical reaction involving amino acids that reduces the concentration of sugars in the bread. This makes the bread’s crust darker in color and crunchier than the rest of the bread. The researchers found that the amount of pronyl-lysine formed in the crust was directly correlated to the bread’s exposure to heat. To illustrate, increasing the temperature of the oven, or the amount of time the bread spends inside the oven, would increase the concentration of pronyl-lysine in the crust.

The Risk of Acrylamide Formation

Unfortunately, with more intense exposure to heat, more acrylamide is formed–which is associated with a higher risk of cancer. However, scientists have found that they can boost the concentration of pronyl-lysine in the crust without prolonged exposure to heat. This is accomplished by changing up the recipe to include casein in place of 5% of the flour or 10% of the glucose.

Types of Bread with the Highest Concentration of Pronyl-lysine

Full-grain bread was found to contain the highest concentration of pronyl-lysine, followed by rye and wheat sourdough breads.

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