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Are Glazed Donuts Americans’ Favorite Donuts?

Despite the fact that donuts now come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and over-the-top flavors, research seems to suggest that standard glazed donuts are still America’s favorite donuts. More than one survey comes to the same conclusion about glazed donuts, so we thought we’d share some of these with you, and also tell you about some of the other donut flavors that Americans love.  

Comax Flavors Study

A new study released by Comax Flavors in March reveals that glazed is the number one donut flavor, with 55% of respondents choosing it as their favorite donut. Powdered sugar was the second most popular donut flavor, cited by 42% of respondents. Other popular flavors were chocolate, 40%; chocolate frosted, 38%; and cinnamon sugar, 29%.

The study also revealed that taste is the most important factor when choosing a donut, with 79% of respondents indicating that’s what drives their donut purchases.  

Glazed Donuts Also First on

Glazed donuts also ranked first on, a digital polling site that lets visitors rank their favorite things. Chocolate glazed donuts came in second, followed by Boston crème donuts, third. Cinnamon and powered donuts ranked a bit lower on this list, coming in sixth and seventh places, respectively, followed by donut holes in eighth place and jelly filled donuts in ninth. For the full list of the top 15 donut flavors, visit the poll.  

Glazed Donuts Also First on the Top Tens List

The Top Tens, another online site that publishes top ten lists in many different categories, also lists glazed as being the top donut flavor. We liked this one comment that captures the essence of the glazed donut: “The glazed donut rules over all when it comes to donuts. This donut doesn’t feel the need to cover up what it really is with sprinkles and frosting…”

Chocolate glazed also came in second on this list, followed by Boston crème, third, and Chocolate Long Johns, fourth.  

Baker’s Pride Loves Making Donuts

Baker’s Pride makes cake and yeast-raised donuts at our bakeries in Burlington, Iowa, using only the freshest, quality ingredients. Our donuts are available in bulk, frozen or ready to finish, and later this year, we plan to begin offering fully finished donuts as well.

Our donut products are perfect for in-store bakeries, bake shops and convenience stores and all contain zero grams of trans fat. We also now offer a new line of gluten-free, vegan donuts available in glazed, glazed chocolate, and glazed cinnamon, with a shelf life of up to 6 months in the freezer and 10 days refrigerated. Contact us today to learn more about our donut and bread products.