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Let’s Celebrate National Glazed Donut Day!

Jan. 12th is National Glazed Donut Day! What better time to celebrate Americans’ love of glazed donuts, as well as other tasty donut varieties. Since we love making donuts at Baker’s Pride, we also thought this was the perfect time to remind you about the cake and yeast-raised donuts that we make at our bakeries in Burlington, Iowa, using only the freshest, quality ingredients.

Our donuts are available in bulk, frozen or ready to finish, and later in 2018, we plan to begin offering fully finished donuts as well. Our donut products are perfect for in-store bakeries, bake shops and convenience stores and all contain zero grams of trans fat. Here is an overview of the donuts we offer.

Our Yeast-Raised Donuts

We offer rings, shells and long johns, with the latter available in custom sizes. They come in bulk cases and are ready to finish, and we offer glazed rings for retail.

Our Cake Donuts

Our cake donuts are available in large, medium, gems and holes. They come in many flavors including vanilla, devil’s food, old fashioned sour cream, and chocolate. And we also offer seasonal favorites such as blueberry, pumpkin and strawberry. We recently introduced our new gluten-free, vegan donuts that come in three glazed donut varieties. And soon we will offer enrobed donuts.

More about Our New Gluten-Free, Vegan Donuts

Our new gluten-free, vegan donuts are light, tender and delicious. They are a healthy alternative to grain-based donuts. They are made without artificial ingredients or trans fats, and are also nut free. They are available in glazed, glazed chocolate, and glazed cinnamon, and have a shelf life of up to 6 months in the freezer and 10 days refrigerated.  

All Baker’s Pride Baked Goods Are Made in the U.S.A.

Baker’s Pride our current donut and bread products, we are always looking for new products that will appeal to our customers and end consumers. We are also proud to make all our baked goods right here in the U.S. Contact us today to learn more about our donut and bread products.