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Our Iowa location helps cut your freight costs

Rising truckload rates, higher fuel prices and increasing surcharges are in the driver’s seat for 2017. With rising freight costs, food and baked goods companies currently exceeding their production capacities are left with few affordable options. Here’s how Baker’s Pride has helped a customer in a similar situation.

Customer needed high-quality baked goods, but also needed them shipped to numerous locations

  A new customer of ours was in need of assistance. They were exceeding their production capacity, and they needed a new supplier that could give them high-quality products. The catch? They also needed them shipped to their headquarters and to other locations around the country.

Other suppliers’ transportation costs were outrageous

After doing some research, the company found that many of the suppliers they looked at would have astronomical transportation costs, partially due to their location. Many baked goods suppliers are based on the coasts. They specialize in serving the East Coast or the West Coast, but not both, and little in between.

A centrally located solution

Baker’s Pride gave this customer a real solution. We provide delicious baked goods, co-packing, and private labeling for some of the largest baked goods companies in the United States, and they’re located on various sides of the country. From our strategic location in Iowa, we help our clients simplify supply chains, lower freight costs and fill both large and customized orders that can be shipped from coast to coast.

Learn more about Co-packing and Private Labeling

To learn more about how co-packing and private labeling with Baker’s Pride can maintain or improve your product quality and consistency and reduce your freight costs, call us at 319.753.6488 or visit our homepage today!