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Food costs

Food Costs Rise, Revenues Fall in 2016

Over all, food costs for publicly traded restaurants fell in 2016 as commodities dropped from record high prices. According to a quarterly analysis of restaurant industry performance from consulting firm BDO, the cost of sales in restaurants fell 0.6 percent to 29.1 percent of revenues on average in 2016. Dustin Minton, a partner with the firm, asserted that commodities are in restaurants’ favor. “Everybody’s good at managing cost of sales,” he stated. This is, ostensibly, good news.

Favorable Food Costs Offset by Falling Revenue

  The bad news, however, is that these favorable food costs are being offset by high labor costs for all companies in the food business. Restaurants and in-store bakeries alike face the same new challenges related to labor costs. These challenges arise as the result of a confluence of factors. Low unemployment rates have given rise to intense competition for employees. This combined with health care costs, overtime regulations, and increases in the minimum wage drive up wages and labor costs across the board. Interestingly, fast-casual chains experienced both the highest increases in costs and the largest decrease in same-store sales.On average, fast-casual chains’ same-store sales fell by 1.4 percent in 2016, and labor costs increased 1.3 percent to 28.4 percent of sales. One possible explanation for this is that many chains, such as Shake Shack Inc., are vigorously increasing wages to lure in better employees. These issues plague the entire food sector.

Reduce the High Cost of Labor and Simplify Your Supply Chain

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