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extending shelf life of bread

How to Extend the Shelf Life of Your Bread

Love bread but hate the fact that it often seems to go stale or grow mold too quickly? You’re not alone. Everyone’s had a loaf of bread they’ve purchased but never finished before the “sell by” date. However, there are actually ways to extend the shelf life of your bread, keeping it fresh for a longer period of time.    

Properly Store Your Bread

Temperature and humidity play a huge part in the shelf life of your bread. Warm temperatures and humidity will make it more likely for your bread to mold. Always remember to reseal the bread’s bag after opening it. Then, you should store your bread either in a box, a plastic food container, or a pantry. This will keep the bread at room temperature and not exposed to any heat from lights.    

If Days Have Passed, Freeze It

Another option to keep your bread fresh longer is to freeze it. This is best for when you haven’t eaten the bread within five days of purchase. A majority of wheat breads have the potential to stay fresh for up to three months when frozen. Before sticking the loaf of bread in the freezer, wrap it as tightly as you can. Individual slices of bread should be wrapped in freezer-safe plastic bags. Doing so contains the moisture, prolonging the freshness.    

Avoid The Fridge

Contrary to popular believe, refrigerating bread to keep its freshness actually isn’t a good idea. The refrigerator cannot sufficiently prevent the bread from going stale and has the potential to even shorten your bread’s shelf life.    

What Even Causes Bread to Go Stale?

When baking bread, flour containing starch molecules form a “crystalline structure,” which becomes undone when water is added. This water is absorbed, causing the starch molecules to give the bread its warm and fluffy texture. If the bread loses moisture, water escapes from the starch molecules and causes the bread to go stale.    

All This Bread Talk Making You Hungry?

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