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The Interesting History of Donuts

Have you ever wondered about the history of donuts? If so, you’re in luck. recently featured a special report that tells the interesting history of donuts and Americans. As it turns out, donuts are just about as American as apple pie! That’s because millions of them were served to soldiers on the front lines in World War I by female Salvation Army volunteers.

The Story of Donuts in WWI

Two of the Salvation Army volunteers thought that fried dough would remind the soldiers of home. According to the article, they collected excess rations of dough, and used old wine bottles and shell casings as rolling pins. The donuts were made from simple ingredients like flour, sugar, salt and baking powder, and dusted with sugar after frying. Both the donuts and the volunteers who served them were an instant hit with the soldiers. Thousands of donuts were made and served each day right on the frontline in Europe. The volunteers went on to be known as the “Donut Lassies.” And this is also thought to be one possible reason behind the term “Doughboys” for American soldiers. Over time, the women experimented with different flavors and shapes of donuts, which were reportedly much smaller than our donuts are today. However, regardless of size, they were said to have “an outsized impact on the soldiers’ psyche.”

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