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Move Over Wedding Cake! Donut Walls Are Here!

Well, maybe they’re not entirely replacing the wedding cake, but donut walls are fast becoming the hottest new dessert trend for weddings, according to Brides, Good Housekeeping and a number of other popular magazines and websites.

What Is a Donut Wall?

Basically, it’s a wall that’s hung with donuts on pegs or hooks so that it’s visually appealing. These walls usually include words like “Love” or a special message for the lucky couple, the words sometimes formed by the donuts themselves. The word “doughnut” or “donut,” depending on the spelling you prefer, also makes for some interesting puns on these walls, according to Good Housekeeping; for example, “I doughnut know what I would do without you!” or “Donut You Want One?”

Donut walls are often made with simple pegboard that’s spray painted so they’re easy to create. And besides the messages and donuts, they are often adorned with accessories like flowers, greenery, bows and lace.

Donut Walls Are Popular with Guests of All Ages

According to Brides magazine, donut walls are much like flower walls, in that they are lovely to look at, but donut walls have the added advantage of being edible. The magazine features some examples of what the donuts walls look like. They can be all shapes and sizes, and are adaptable to all styles of weddings, from casual weddings held in barns to more formal occasions.

What Kind of Donuts Do You Use in Donut Walls?

Pretty much any style of donut with holes can be used in a donut wall. It really depends on the style of wedding and the preferences of the bride and groom. Based on photos in the media and on Pinterest, anything goes! Some brides and grooms are choosing donuts that are glazed or powdered, while others are going with donuts frosted in all white or another single color that fits with the wedding colors, and then some couples are choosing to mix all kinds of different styles and colors of donuts.   The good news is that regardless of the donuts used, donut walls are said to be very popular with guests of all ages, from the very youngest to the oldest.

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