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Donut Sales: More Growth to Come!

Donuts are popular and according to recent market research, that isn’t going to change any time soon. In fact, donuts are expected to increase in popularity and donut sales predicted to rise over the next four years. Technavio, a market research firm that issues reports on products for many industries including the food industry, predicts that global donut sales will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 5% from now through 2021.

Why Are Donut Sales Expected to Rise?

According to Technavio, there are three main factors behind the donut sales growth. These include:
  • -An increased number of food service outlets
  • -Rising urbanization
  • -Changing consumer lifestyles
About half of donut sales volume globally comes from the foodservice sector, and this isn’t expected to change. In fact, foodservice will continue to be the biggest end user of donuts, as more bakeries and retail stores in both China and India offer donuts. The report also said the demand for donut shops, coffee shops, and quick service restaurants will increase due to the rising preference for food such as fresh baked goods and hot beverages.

Donuts a Convenient Option for Americans on the Go

Though the report covered the global market, the market in the Americas accounted for the majority market shares during 2016. This was attributed to an increase in the number of middle-class families and improved living standards. Many specialty coffee shops offer customers donuts along with their hot beverages, making donuts a convenient option. And busy Americans also depend on donut shops for quick breakfasts in the mornings.

More Healthy Donut Options Predicted

A couple of trends that are also expected to drive the market growth are new product launches and the consumer demand for healthier donut options. Baker’s Pride, for example, has added a new gluten-free donut to its large line of donuts.

Baker’s Pride Loves Making Donuts

Baker’s Pride offers a large selection of yeast-raised and cake donuts in many shapes and flavors, and are always looking for new donut products that will appeal to our customers and their customers—the consumers. Our donuts are perfect for retail outlets, in-store bakeries, foodservice, convenience stores and small bake shops. Contact us today to learn more.