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The Clean Label Challenge for Retailers

We hear a lot in our industry about the “clean label” trend. But according to a recent article in Vital Food Insights, “clean label” is no longer just a trend. It instead represents a “permanent shift” in the way that consumers think about the foods that they eat. In other words, they’re not likely to change their minds about what they want and expect, and go back to the way things were.  

Confusion About the Meaning of “Clean Label”

While “clean label” is likely here to stay, there seems to be a lot of confusion about what it means. A lot of retailers, for example, are confused about how they should align their products with the consumer expectation that their foods be “clean.”

A lot of consumers don’t have a good understanding of what “clean label” means either. We discussed this in greater detail in our blog, “Understanding the Clean Label Trend” last July. Put in simplest terms, “clean label” means that consumers want more transparency about what’s in the foods they consume, as well as other products they purchase.  

Some Things Retailers Can Do

An article published by FoodDIVE last month about a new report by the Food Marketing Institute confirmed retailers’ confusion over “clean label.” It also covered some of the tips in the report to help retailers use “clean label” to their advantage. Here are three  tips we thought we’d share with you:

1- Retailers should use clear and simple terms when describing their products and on product labels. But at the same time, they should avoid the use of the word “clean” as it implies that other products are “dirty.”

2- Work closely with private label suppliers to develop new strategies for competing in the market. For example, see if you can collaborate with your suppliers to find ways to remove artificial or undesired ingredients like sugar, or to find ways to simplify labels or product descriptions.

3- Educate consumers about clean labeling – what it means and any specific ways you have modified your packaging so they can more easily identify what’s in your products.  

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