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3 Baking Industry Trends to Watch

Wondering which baking industry trends may have an impact on your business this year? There are many predictions about which trends will be hot and which will fall by the wayside as blips that don’t stand the test of time. Other trends, like “clean label,” the focus of our last blog, evolve into the mainstream, causing permanent changes in the industry. Here are three trends expected this year that we think are worth a closer look:

The Food-to-Go Trend:

The food-to-go trend has grown increasing popular in the past several years with no signs of slowing down. That’s no surprise with so many Americans multi-tasking while on the go. It’s convenient to pick up a quick breakfast at the coffee shop with that latte’, to grab a snack at the convenience store while filling up the tank with gas, or to put a sandwich in the basket while picking up a few supplies at the grocery store on your lunch break. According to experts, our eating routines are much more flexible than they were in the past, with more people eating outside of the home while on the go. To keep pace with consumer demand, bakeries, convenience stores and retail stores continue to develop innovative ways to package their products, as well as to offer more grab-and-go options – like our donuts – to seize their portion of this growing market.

The Waste Reduction Trend:

Many of those in the industry are becoming increasingly mindful of sustainability. They are finding new ways to reduce waste. These include, but are not limited to: developing more efficient production processes, practicing flexible merchandising, and re-purposing products – to use bread which would otherwise be discarded to make croutons or even pet food, for example. There is more chatter than ever about reducing waste in the industry, with many of us sharing best practices and becoming involved with initiatives aimed at reducing waste.

The Vegan/Plant-Based Food Trend:

Veganism is another trend that is becoming more commonly accepted as being a way that people eat. More consumers than ever are sticking with plant-based diets. As we mentioned in our recent blog devoted specifically to the vegan trend, the sales of plant-based foods increased by 8.1% from 2016 to 2017, with the total plant-based food market estimated to top $3.1 billion in sales. Bakeries are rising to the vegan challenge by coming up with ingenious ways to make products using only plant-based ingredients. Our new vegan, gluten-free donuts are just one example.

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