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Baked Goods Co-Packing for Quality, Production Capacity and Stability in 2017

2017 is upon us, and that means businesses all across the country are looking to learn the lessons of the previous year and set clear goals for the year ahead. If you are a baked goods company looking to ensure quality, improve production capacity, and achieve stability in 2017, we can help with reliable co-packing and advanced private labeling. Here’s what you need to know.

Co-Packing and Production Capacity

At Baker’s Pride, we increase our customers’ production capacity and give them the ability to scale their products and distribution without incurring hefty labor and equipment costs. Our freezer space allows us to handle large productions and customized orders with ease—anything from donut holes and cake-style rings, yeast raised rings, shells or long johns, to delicious sliced packaged breads.

Stability and Growth

Having a co-packing partner with both the state-of-the-art and conventional baking facilities and the logistical experience to ensure on-shelf availability every time means greater stability for your company and a path to long-term growth. Industry regulations change. Interest rates go up suddenly. With change being the only constant, we are equipped to help our co-packing partners weather the harsh realities of the food business and thrive. We keep pace with the growth we help to create, scaling our services to fit your needs as they change.

A Commitment to Quality

In a co-packing partnership, you want your product in trusted hands. Baker’s Pride is your Trusted Secondary Source. We closely monitor production to ensure consistency and quality with all our co-packing partners’ specifications. All donut products pass through a -20° F blast freezer prior to being packaged and are held around -10° F in our in-house holding freezer. With a central location in Burlington, Iowa, we have the capability to distribute nationwide, coast to coast.

For a detailed breakdown of how co-packing from Baker’s Pride can reduce your company’s overall costs, visit our homepage or contact us today!