Our Story

bread At Baker’s Pride, Inc. we manufacture commercial products for the private label and branded needs of supermarket chains, convenience stores and the food service industry. Our products include fresh and frozen sliced bread, pre-packaged, bulk cake-style and yeast-raised donuts. Our pre-packaged options come in multiple and flexible sizes. We are headquartered in Burlington, Iowa with two integrated facilities; The Mt. Pleasant Street Bakery, Inc. and The Jefferson Street Bakery, Inc. Our Jefferson Street facility, located in downtown Burlington, Iowa, has provided fresh sliced bread, packaged bread and cake style donuts to private-label customers for over forty years. The facility is staffed with bakers dedicated to providing quality products and customer service. Our Mt. Pleasant Street facility, just down the road from our Jefferson Street facility, is a 253,400 square foot, state-of-the-art facility that produces both frozen ready-to-finish and ready-to-sell doughnuts. The new facility expands our doughnut product portfolio to include cake and yeast raised doughnuts; specifically, yeast raised rings, as well as an expanded menu of cake-style doughnuts. To learn more about the growth and success of Baker’s Pride, call us today at 319.753.6488!